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#52 I Need Your Help and Expertise, Please....

by Charlotte Boshart | 23 April, 2019 |

I’m knee deep in journal articles and books on muscles, sensation, and brain-stuff, and I’m arduously going through it all to write an updated view about oral motor for therapists from a therapist’s perspective.

(#51) Do Research Articles Meet Your Therapy Needs? [Wisdom by Dr. Charles Van Riper]

by Charlotte Boshart | 16 April, 2019 |

Dr. Charles Van Riper is considered by most to be "the father of articulation."  I consider him to be my professor and a great and wise man.  Enjoy and ponder his words of wisdom.

(#50) Apps: Spinners, Dice, and the Remedy for "Who Goes First?"

by Charlotte Boshart | 09 April, 2019 |

One way to incorporate your computer or a touch screen device (without using a full-blown game) is to use a spinner or die that’s on the device. It adds an element of intrigue and enjoyment.

(#49) CI: The BEST Strategy to Teach Imitation [By Mary Lou B. Johnson, Guest Blogger]

by Charlotte Boshart | 02 April, 2019 |

Mary Lou says, "I'm able to get most low-verbal children to imitate quickly with these systematic strategies.  I've used this method extensively and has taught it to others with great success."

(#48) The Problem with Literacy Programs [facts from]

by Charlotte Boshart | 19 March, 2019 |

Teachers in my last elementary school were unhappy with their reading curriculum and were doggedly focused on finding something better.  Turns out, this is not an uncommon occurrence in many schools. Maybe even yours.

(#47) The QOE: A Free Oral Mech Form to Use with Your Kids

by Charlotte Boshart | 12 March, 2019 |

The QOE includes the same five categories and oral-facial items as last week’s Therapy Matters. It's all on one page which makes it easier. It’s a check sheet with a few “comment” write-in areas.

(#46) The Quick 5-Phase Oral Mech Exam

by Charlotte Boshart | 05 March, 2019 |

The mouth is the source of speech and we can’t ignore it. I want to know the condition of the mouth I’m working with so I can adjust my therapy to the needs of the child.

(#45) Six Strategies to Use When Imitation Doesn't Work

by Charlotte Boshart | 26 February, 2019 |

Squeezing in time to find, read, interpret, and figure out how to apply the results of research articles is difficult at best.  If you have the same conundrum, I hope this once-a-month Research Review helps fill your needs.  This is a good one.

(#44) Seeing Life Through the Eyes of a Child

by Charlotte Boshart | 19 February, 2019 |

Most children know how to play but some don’t. They have no sense of venturing beyond the walls of familiarity. ‘Play’ is a good thing, and an influential part of communication.

(#43) Two Easy & Excellent Recording Apps to Use in Therapy

by Charlotte Boshart | 12 February, 2019 |

Recording our speech-kids in therapy is a no-brainer. But what’s the “best” app to use to record them? Are some recording apps better than others? I think so.

(#42) Does a Palatal Expander Interrupt Speech Therapy?

by Charlotte Boshart | 05 February, 2019 |

Has a child ever walked into your therapy room and he sounded 10 times worse than he did last week? Chances are he's been fitted with a palatal expander.  So, now what?  Sometimes the answer is obvious, but sometimes it isn't. 

(#41) Hope You Like the New Plan

by Charlotte Boshart | 29 January, 2019 |

I’m changing things just a bit. Starting next week the topics will be more organized and designated. But, as always, the objective is to share practical info and ideas that you can apply with your therapy-kids.