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#60 Practical Methods to Generate Tongue Movements in Speech

by Charlotte Boshart | 05 November, 2019 |

There is very little research, practical or otherwise, about the tongue’s characteristics during speech sound productions.  Most typically, we’ve used descriptors such as “place, manner, and voice,” or binary distinctive feature terms which have pretty much fallen from favor.  Currently, the terms most often used are phonological processes.  While they are excellent at describing speech oral error patterns, they don’t provide much by way of describing desirable speech production—which is the goal, of course. 

#59 Sensory Therapy Makes Sense

by Charlotte Boshart | 29 October, 2019 |

Right up there with negativity of “oral motor” therapy (i.e. therapy to build oral movement capability and speech skills) is anything that has to do with “SENSORY” therapy.”  In fact, it’s even more taboo.  

While preparing The Perfect Oral Motor Storm (podcast/handout), I came across a statement by Dr. Gregory Lof (2017).  I nearly fell out of my chair: “Awareness and its role in therapy is always questioned.” 

#58 Two Printable Halloween Board Games

by Charlotte Boshart | 22 October, 2019 |

In therapy, have you ever had a child ask you if they could take home the boardgame you’re playing?  For me, usually it was some game I’d purchased at Super Duper or somewhere.  The kids were so disappointed when I said the game had to stay at school so other children could play, too.

#57 "R" Remediation: The Condensed Version

by Charlotte Boshart | 19 October, 2019 | 2 Comments

“Just tell me a few bottom-line things I need to know about ‘r’ so I can remediate my seven /r/ kids!”  A fellow SLP earnestly asked me this during our 15-minute seminar break with 3-minutes left. Well, here ya go—this is the shortest version I can come up with and (hopefully) it still makes sense!

#56 Don't Feed Your Kids Brussels Sprouts [and say they're strawberries]

by Charlotte Boshart | 08 October, 2019 |

In my quest to understand why some in our field express disdain for working with the mouth—and keep an open mind while doing it—I came across this article. At first, I thought, good; this’ll give me definitive information—a study that compares two types of therapy and oral motor is one of them. Then I read it.

#55 Read the Whole Journal Article--Not Just the Conclusions!

by Charlotte Boshart | 01 October, 2019 |

Whether you’re pro or con, are you aware of how the oral motor controversy started? It’s important.  Ultimately, the controversy was initiated with one journal article. Up to that time oral motor was at the “debate” level.

#54 Shriberg's NEW Motor Speech Classification

by Charlotte Boshart | 25 September, 2019 |

Have you ever worked with a child with a significant speech sound delay but was unsure if the child’s speech was apraxic or dysarthric but you knew something “motoric” was going on? Yes? You’re not alone.

#53 Where Do You Stand on Oral Motor?

by Charlotte Boshart | 17 September, 2019 |

The “NSOME” controversy has spawned a major storm. It started in the late ‘90s with a few groundswells that perpetually grew into a full-blownperfect storm. I’ve never seen anything like it in the speech pathology world—a world I love.

#52 I Need Your Help and Expertise, Please....

by Charlotte Boshart | 23 April, 2019 |

I’m knee deep in journal articles and books on muscles, sensation, and brain-stuff, and I’m arduously going through it all to write an updated view about oral motor for therapists from a therapist’s perspective.

(#51) Do Research Articles Meet Your Therapy Needs? [Wisdom by Dr. Charles Van Riper]

by Charlotte Boshart | 16 April, 2019 |

Dr. Charles Van Riper is considered by most to be "the father of articulation."  I consider him to be my professor and a great and wise man.  Enjoy and ponder his words of wisdom.

(#50) Apps: Spinners, Dice, and the Remedy for "Who Goes First?"

by Charlotte Boshart | 09 April, 2019 |

One way to incorporate your computer or a touch screen device (without using a full-blown game) is to use a spinner or die that’s on the device. It adds an element of intrigue and enjoyment.

(#49) CI: The BEST Strategy to Teach Imitation [By Mary Lou B. Johnson, Guest Blogger]

by Charlotte Boshart | 02 April, 2019 |

Mary Lou says, "I'm able to get most low-verbal children to imitate quickly with these systematic strategies.  I've used this method extensively and has taught it to others with great success."