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#58  Two Printable Halloween Board Games


In therapy, have you ever had a child ask you if they could take home the board game you’re playing?  For me, usually it was some game I’d purchased at Super Duper or somewhere.  The kids were so disappointed when I said the game had to stay at school so other children could play, too.

Well, now you can design your own “board game” and easily insert either clipart, or words, or both--and SEND IT HOME!  You can choose from a wide variety of themes, such as, adjectives, animals, prepositions, question words, school, shapes, science, Thanksgiving, transportation, foods, etc.

If you don’t know this website, you’re in for a treat:  toolsforeducators.com.  Amazingly, it’s totally free.

You can quickly make printable board games (choose from three styles), bingo grids (for several children), word searches, make “dice,” generate crossword puzzles, design worksheets (great for Word Books), and there are even certificate templates.

To save time in this Halloween season feel free to access two printable Halloween board games I’ve created for you.  There’s also a list of words to go with them.  (They are all in one pdf.)

In addition, last year at this time, I shared with you one of my favorite Halloween stories by my absolutely favorite author (of interactive stories I can use in therapy).  It’s a cute story from the book, You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You: Very Short Scary Takes to Read Together,by Mary Ann Hoberman.  It’s called, “The Witch and the Broomstick.”  She has a whole series; this is from her Halloween book. 

I also wrote a pretty detailed blog on ideas for using the Hoberman story, made word cards, and put the story on PowerPoint.  Access all that info at my Therapy Matters blog #33, Who Wants a Helpful Halloween Activity?

Here’s The Witch and the Broomstick story and cards, and the PowerPoint story to use in your therapy.  Enjoy!

Have a great week!  Thanks so much for ALL you do with your therapy-kids,



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