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"Tools of the Trade"

Three Types of Seminars

Char continues to do on-site seminars and conferences as well as CEU videos and podcasts.  

However, she no longer does seminar tours on a regular basis. 

For inquiries, please use the form at the bottom of the Home Page--thanks!

On-Site & Online Seminars

On-site seminars are for all Speech-Language Pathologists at the venue of your choosing. Online seminars have become quite popular. In some cases, they're easier and are certainly more cost effective.  

The seminars are beneficial and relevant.  Choose from one- and two-day evidence-based articulation and language courses to meet the challenges of today's caseload/workload.  

Char was a school SLP for many years and understands the desires and demands of being an SLP in the schools.  From experience and research, she lays-out effective, hands-on solutions. 

Her courses emphasize practicality.  Of the 1200+ seminars she's given over the past several decades, she has only received rave reviews.  To contact Char, call 706-623-4433, or go to the bottom of the Home Page and write in your inquiry.  Thank you.  


CEU Video Courses

Access Char's Video Courses through SpeechTherapypd.com (You must be a Subscriber to access them; their fees are nominal for what you get). To zero-in on a specific course, go to their website, click on "Courses" in the top menu, then in "Search Courses"type in the full name of the course you want (not hours and course number). There's something for everyone! 


Speech Sound Therapy

--Speech Production: Techniques to Establish Consistency and Carryover (1.5 hours)

-- 5 Super Sound-Stim Strategies: Beyond the Basics of Traditional Techniques (1-hour)

-- 5 Steps: A Paradigm Shift into Capability-Based Evidence-Based Speech Therapy (3-hours, #3326)

-- What Are You Thinking? The Application of 7 Essential Speech Therapy Mindsets (1.5-hours, #3045)

-- 5 Ways to Inspire and Motivate Children with Articulation Disorders (1-hour, #1558)

-- Seven Sensory Strategies to Increase Artic-Therapy Success(1-hour, #1983)

-- The Inside Story of Oral Functions: Capability-Based Analysis & Therapy (4-hours, #1931)

-- The Perfect Oral Motor Storm: What Happened, Why, and Supportive Evidence for Oral-Sensory Motor Therapy (5-hours, audio, #1925)

-- Speaking & Swallowing: Components, Comparisons and Therapy (2-hours, #2320)


Speech Sounds: /s/ and /r/

-- S Remediation: Up Close and Personal (Deep Dive; personalized small group 4 weeks; .6 ASHA CEUs; extra fee)

-- Are the Same Techniques Used to Remediate a Lateral “S” and a Frontal “S”? (1-hour, audio, #1604)

-- Systematic Frontal & Lateral “S” Remediation(3-hours, #2228)

-- Complete “S” Remediation (3-hours #2599)

-- S Remediation Therapy (1-hour, #2167)


-- R Remediation: Up Close and Personal (Deep Dive; personalized small-group; 4 weeks; .6 ASHA CEUs; extra fee)

-- Why Some “R” Techniques Work and Others Don’t (1-hour,audio, #1598)

-- Complete “R” Remediation Therapy (2-hours #1554)

-- R Remediation Therapy (1-hour, #2166)

-- R Solutions: From Capability to Carryover (3-hours,#2246)

-- Speech Sound Disorders Conference, Part 3: Therapy for the Essential Components of Speech Sound Productions (1.5-hours, #2807)


Language Therapy

-- Organizing Language Therapy: Fun Narrative Instruction(3-hours, #1577)

-- Instill the Love of Words: Multimodality Language Instruction(2 hours; #2263)

-- Do You SEMPCREEQ? Nine Keys to Accelerate Language Instruction (1-hour, #1628)

-- Reader’s Theatre: Creative, Engaging Language Instruction(2-hours, #2230)

-- Creative Language Therapy: Systematic Instruction for Language Delayed Children (5-hours, #2005) 

How to Create Seminars; Communications

-- The Art of Creating & Presenting Compelling and Informative SLP Seminars (1.5-hours, #3472)

-- 10+ Techniques to Revolutionize Your IEP Meetings (1-hour, audio, #1967)

-- Communication Secrets to Managing Difficult Parent/Caregiver Situation (1-hour, audio, #2380)