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Articles on Speech & Swallowing

The Perfect Oral Motor Storm

Supportive Evidence for the Use of Oral Sensory-Motor Methods to Remediate Speech Sound Productions

Chronicled in Five Documents (below) and Five Podcasts (The Speech Link) is the eye-opening and detailed account of events that ignited  the most controversial--and misunderstood--storms in the history of speech pathology.  Learn what happened to generate the oral motor controversy, who did what, and where we go from here.  Written by Char Boshart.  Download theENTIRE 81-PAGE DOCUMENT, or individual sections:

"R" Revealed:

Five Myths that Impede Results

"R" therapy is challenging, at best.  There are many tools and sound-stim approaches on the market, but none of them address the necessary features to correct and establish /r/.​ 

This article reveals new, practical information that every therapist needs to know to competently and completely address /r/ therapy.​ 

 Five Myths are revealed that many of us heard about when we were at the university, and we've used them to try to remediate our r-kids -- to no avail.  Char debunks these myths and instead, shares what to do that works.​

A Deep Dive into "S" Therapy

The /s/ production seems so simple. 

 But when it goes wrong, it’s a multi-faceted muddle.  There’s 

   The omitted /s/.  
   The /t/ for /s/ substitution. 
   The “sh” for /s/ substitution. 
   The interdental (tongue against front teeth) /s/. 
   The frontal /s/ (the tongue protrudes anteriorly) and 
   The lateral /s/ (the tongue elevates and blocks the centralized airflow).

What's a therapist to do?  Let's dive deep and get some answers.

How to Motivate Your Therapy-Kids

We can do QUALITY speech and language therapy, but if the child doesn’t buy-in, it’s mute.  We’re treading water. 

Granted, some kids arrive in therapy motivated (bless them), but when they don’t we must inspire and coax them along the path to a positive end-result, i.e. motivate them.  

 This article discusses the the important topic of motivation and shares numerous strategies on how to motivate our kids.

The Importance and Procedures

of Games in Therapy

“Hi Jimmy!  What did you do last year in speech in your old school?” 

 “We played games.”  

 “What were you working on?”“Hmmmm.  Well…I ugh…I’m not sure.” 

 Yes, we speech therapists play games with our kids.  To the casual observer, playing a game during speech therapy looks a lot like, well, playing a game.  

 The game itself is overt; the part that people see.  The speech-language therapy piece is covert.   There is sooo much more to therapy than playing games....

Swallowing Articles

Thank you for visiting this section! Thank you, too, for your care and concern about your child or your client, and for your interest and dedication to the function of swallowing and all things related. We think they're important, too.

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