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(#12) You Must Be Joking! (Part 2 of 2) “Jokes” in Therapy

by Charlotte Boshart | 03 April, 2018 |

Using jokes is a fun and beneficial way to build language.  Following are therapy ideas on how to teach puns and riddles and why joke-therapy can benefit our language-kids.  The following is primarily

(#11) You Must Be Joking! (Part 1 of 2) "Jokes" in Therapy

by Charlotte Boshart | 27 March, 2018 |

It’s vitally important to laugh!  It’s good for our health and happiness.  Let’s face it, we all love to laugh!  Sometimes funny things just happen in therapy.  But, you might consider (if you haven’t already) a more direct approach.  Use “jokes!”  Use them as a weekly ritual, or as an all-out activity in your therapy.

(#10) A St. Patrick's Day Activity....

by Charlotte Boshart | 15 March, 2018 |

Have you ever done Daily Word-Ladders?  They’re created by Tim Rasinski who’s one of my favorite authors and researchers.   I think you and your language-kids would like them! I put one together for you.  St. Patrick’s Day is the theme of this Daily Word Ladder. 

(#9) March is National Reading Month [Here's the Challenge...]

by Charlotte Boshart | 06 March, 2018 |

One of the defining moments in my therapy-life was with Lucas, a language-challenged second grader.  He stopped mid-sentence during one of his practice sentences, looked me the eyes, and said,

(#8) A Special Note of Appreciation

by Charlotte Boshart | 28 February, 2018 |

Today’s Therapy Matters is a little different.  We’ll get back to therapy next week, but first, I’d like to share with you that…

I just finished my last BER seminar and I’m headed home on the plane writing to you.  After ten years, 

(#6) A Remarkable Method to Lift the Front-Tongue (for ALL Front-Tongue Sounds)

by Charlotte Boshart | 14 February, 2018 |

Do you want to know how to lift and move for a good /s/?  Here’s the answer:  Contract the mid-tongue.  Mid-tongue contraction (a tongue bowl) lifts the front-tongue. 

(#5) Valentine's Day is on its Way!

by Charlotte Boshart | 07 February, 2018 |

Greetings Fellow SLP!

Valentine’s Day is next week!  If you do therapy themes that coordinate with holidays, but you are limited in time to pull them together, I have a suggestion for you. 

(#4) Hot Tips for Successful "R" Therapy (part 3)

by Charlotte Boshart | 03 February, 2018 |

Greetings R-Therapist!

The key to generating a good /r/ is to first address all the /r/ production components:  The Placement, the Lingual Tension, and the Resonance Chamber (See R-Therapy Parts 1 and 2).

(#3) Hot Tips for Successful "R" Therapy (part 2)

by Charlotte Boshart | 26 January, 2018 |

Do you do a Back-up /r/ or a Retroflex /r/ in your own speech? 

The easiest way to figure it out is to observe your front-tongue.  Grab a mirror if you have one handy, or, just close your eyes; think, feel, and 

(#2) Hot Tips for Successful "R" Therapy (Part 1)

by Charlotte Boshart | 17 January, 2018 |

Greetings Fellow R-Therapist!

If you work with children who have a distorted /r/, the following may be the most valuable and critically important strategy you’ll ever use.  To know where we're going...

(#1) Happy New Year!

by Charlotte Boshart | 17 January, 2018 |

Welcome SLP Colleague to the First Official Therapy Matters!

Did you know that the making of New Year’s resolutions began 2,000+ years ago?  Although it’s trendy not to do them, they have stood the test of time... 

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