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(#36) Coloring: A New Therapy-Twist on an Old Favorite

by Charlotte Boshart | 06 November, 2018 |

Coloring? Yes, coloring! Crayons even smell like childhood to me. And although coloring has taken a backseat to touch screen devices, kids still love to color.  I say, bring out the coloring activities and crayons whenever you can.

(#35) Speech and Mouth Breathing: What SLPs Need to Know

by Charlotte Boshart | 30 October, 2018 |

Many of us look at a child and ask ourselves—knowingly or unknowingly--if the child's cranio-facial-nasal-oral differences are impacting his/her speech development and/or remediation?  Hmmm....

(#34) Echo-Reading: Story+Imitation+Verbal Expression Techniques

by Charlotte Boshart | 23 October, 2018 |

Echo-reading a great technique to use in therapy--especially when you have a group of kids each with their own needs and goals. That scenario typically presents a bit of a challenge, but when doing this brand of “echo-reading” it’s a breeze!

(#33) Who Wants a Helpful Halloween Activity? [a fun language task]

by Charlotte Boshart | 16 October, 2018 |

No time to create helpful (and fun) Halloween activities for your language kids?  You have one now!  This week, I’ve created language activities around one of the “Scary Tales.”

(#32) Top-Ten Tips for "TH" [unique features and therapy strategies]

by Charlotte Boshart | 09 October, 2018 |

“Th” looks easy to say and remediate, but it isn’t. Once a substituted movement pattern has been established, it’s difficult to replace. But not impossible!

(#31) The Ultimate Guide to Puh-Tuh-Kuh

by Charlotte Boshart | 02 October, 2018 |

Puh-tuh-kuh is making a come-back!  Actually for me, it never really left.  I've always like doing repetitive syllable analysis with my therapy-kids because I glean so much information from it.  Here's a new twist on an old favorite to analyze mouth movements.

(#30) Pause: A Therapy Strategy for All Children

by Charlotte Boshart | 25 September, 2018 |

On The Speech Link, Anna Vagin shared techniques for social learning using YouTube animations; love it. Then I asked her to share her favorite “therapy nugget.” Wow, it was really good.  Then, I remembered my recent interview with Pat Mervine, and she said the same thing.... 

(#29) Two Tasks to get the Back-Tongue Moving

by Charlotte Boshart | 18 September, 2018 |

Do you have a first grader (or even a third grader) that says /t/ for /k/ and /d/ for /g/?  Seems like there's always one child that hangs on to his/her fronting and won’t let go. Frequently, they're tough to remediate.  But it is possible, and here's how....

(#28) Solidification: Blowing the Whistle on Carryover!

by Charlotte Boshart | 11 September, 2018 |

I’ve frequently shared this in my seminars, but very rarely in print. I've promised to share more on Solidification and how to nail-down oral movement patterns. This is it.  And wow, it is helpful.

(#27) Try "The Conversation Code" with Your Kids

by Charlotte Boshart | 04 September, 2018 |

I love hearing my language-kids talk.  But when we’re sitting there drilling-and-instilling past tense, and Johnny interjects a story about his trip to his grandma’s last weekend and says, “We drived to Atlanta last Saturday,” I wanna beat my head against the wall!  So, what’s an SLP do?

(#26) 7 Solutions to Inspire Homework Compliance

by Charlotte Boshart | 28 August, 2018 |

Most of us SLPs struggle to get our therapy-kids to do their homework. We know that extra practice time outside of therapy can really help.  But, just because we give it to them, doesn’t mean they do it. Right?  Perhaps you’ve made a decision to emphasize homework this year....

(#25) Organize Your Space & Maximize Productivity (Get-Going, Part 3)

by Charlotte Boshart | 21 August, 2018 |

Today’s topic: Organization. There’s therapy-room organization (lowercase) that focuses on our stuff. Then there’s therapy room ORGANIZATION (uppercase) that focuses on YOU and is designed to SUPPORT YOU. Let me explain….