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#52  I Need Your Help and Expertise, Please....

Happy Spring, SLP!
I’m knee deep in journal articles and books on muscles, sensation, brain-stuff, and I’m arduously going through it all to write an updated view about oral motor for therapists from a therapist’s perspective.
And, I need your assistance and your expertise.
Therapeutic, clinical experience and evidenceis an important part of Evidence Based Practice (EBP). When I read the words “there isn’tany evidence to show…,” I cringe. Evidence is not just in journals touting research results. There’s plenty of therapy-evidence in all areas within the field of speech-language pathology.
Here’s what I need you to do.
Please write an 80-words or less account of how you’ve helped a child using oral motor techniques.In other words, BRIEFLY, what did you do and how did the child improve?The level and amount of improvement may be “small” (the child’s capability improved in some way) or “big” (he/she said the sound, word, etc.).It’s up to you.
In addition to the short account, please include:
  • The child’s age
  • Disability
  • Your name or initials
  • Your degree(s), and
  • Where you work, in general, e.g. schools, clinic, private practice, hospital, etc.
Crank it out. It doesn’t have to be a literary masterpiece—just a brief account of a piece of your therapy. If you misstate a tense or syntax, I’ll fix it.
Please email it to me, Char Boshart.
TO: char_boshart@yahoo.com
SUBJECT: My Therapy Example
I greatly appreciate your time and your contribution. When I receive it, I'll be in touch with you. (Please, consider doing it now while you’re thinking about it!!!)
Thank you my highly competent friend, and thank you for all you do,
Char Boshart
P.S., I’ll keep you posted on my progress as I write this document.I will not, however, continue to write and post complete Therapy Matters blogs until I get this oral-motor document done.

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