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Swalloworks Therapy Program:  Contains tons of information, and a comprehensive 12 Lesson program to re-train a tongue thrust swallowing pattern.  Provides core, systematic treatment for oral-stage swallowing cases. 

The Myofunctional Evaluation:  Comprehensive, organized, sequential, with clear instructions and explanations as to how all the cranio-facial-oral-respiratory parts all fit together functionally. 

Oral-Facial Illustrations and Reference Guide (ebook):  Picture aids for analysis and therapy--great for simple visual  (line-drawing) comparisons and explanations during therapy and parent meetings.  

The Key to Carryover: Change Oral Postures to Fortify Speech Production:  Actually, to fortify and establish oral functions, including swallowing. The tongue-lips-jaw oral resting posture is the core piece to carryover.

Demystify the Tongue Tie, Methods to Confidently Analyze & Treat a Tethered Tongue:  A tongue that inhibits comfortable, consistent access to points of stabilization-mobilization for any oral function is an issue.


The following articles/blogs can be accessed at Char's other website: MySwalloworks.com 

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