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The Easy R (hard copy book + separate e-Appendix to use in therapy):  Looking for answers and systematic organization? Use the 12 flexible Lessons to remediate your r-kids from beginning (analysis) to end (generalization). Comprehensive, sequential, and provides all evaluation, treatment, and documentation info and forms.

How to Remediate R (ebook):  In comparison to The Easy R book, this ebook provides bottom-line info and answers about how to remediate your r-kids.  It's comprehensive, but condensed. Does NOT contain the 12 Lessons. 

Speech Pictures! (ebook):  Useful information about all (consonant) speech sounds. The line-drawings provide you and your kids a visual depiction of production placements and progressions.

Therapy Matters Blog

(#2) Hot Tips for Successful "R" Therapy (part 1):  Part 1 (of 3) lays the foundation of the three primary components of the /r/ production, and how to apply the Dental Floss Handle as a tactile indicator.

(#3) Hot Tips for Successful "R" Therapy (part 2):  Part 2 (of 3) digs in deeper and details the critical components of the Back-up /r/ and the Retroflex /r/ that we need to know for effective therapy.

(#4) Hot Tips for Successful "R" Therapy (part 3):  Part 3 (of 3) explicitly lays out techniques on how to stim a Back-up /r/, and how to stim a Retroflex /r/, and strategies for solidifying the new oral movements. 

(#18) Five Things Effective Therapists Do to Remediate R:  This practical info is applicable for /r/ remediation, as well as for other speech sounds. These are GOOD ONES!  Do you include these in your therapy?  

(#57) "R" Remediation: The Condensed Version:  This one addresses a frequent request, "Just tell me a few bottom-line things I need to know about 'r' so I can remediate my seven /r/ kids!"  


"R" Revealed: Five Myths that Impede Therapy Results:  An 8-page article that covers: The components of both the Back-up /r/, and the Retroflex /r/ productions, lip rounding, the consonantal/vocalic controversy, potential hard/soft tissue obstacles, and the role of auditory stimulation.

Speech Link Podcast

The "Speech Link" is a 1-hour video/audio Podcast hosted by Char Boshart, and sponsored by SpeechTherapypd.com.  Get practical information and CEUs at: SpeechTherapypd.com

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Episode #15: Why Some "R" Techniques Don't Work and Others Do, by Char Boshart 

Episode #38:  How to Move Beyond Inconsistent R-Productions, by Susan Haseley 

CEU Courses

All courses are available at SpeechTherapypd.com

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R Remediation Therapy, Char Boshart, 1-Hour (#2166)

Complete "R" Remediation Therapy, Char Boshart, 2-Hours (#1554)

R Solutions: From Capability to Carryover, Char Boshart, 3-Hours (#2246)

Seven Sensory Strategies to Increase Artic-Therapy Success, Char Boshart, 1-Hour (#1983)

NEW MENTORSHIP COURSE! "R" Remediation: Up Close and Personal, Char Boshart, 6-Hours (#3126)

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