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The Easy R Therapy Program

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The First Step-by-Step Therapy Program That (almost) Does Your Therapy for You!  And it Works.

The Easy R is a revolutionary "R" Therapy Program designed exclusively for you, the busy speech therapist. 

R-questions:  Why do R-kids round their lips, and what do I do about it?  What's the difference between a Back-up /r/ and a Retroflex /r/ and which one should I teach?  These practical questions and more are answered in The Easy R

The Easy R is way beyond game playing.  Remediate your r-kids within months, not years.  Each lesson sequences the activities so you know exactly what to do each time: Five lessons of oral-prep tasks, six pages of r-stim techniques, plus numerous stabilization and carryover activities. 

Release the knots in your stomach--your "R" therapy is planned for you!  (It also includes therapy-options so you can personalize your treatment plan.)

You receive The Easy R paperback book, and an email that contains a downloadable PDF of ALL 45 FORMS. Duplicate clean, colored copies for you and your kids.

Char Boshart, M.A., CCC-SLP has worked with hundreds of children with “r” distortions and spent over thirty years studying the /r/ and honing-in on the best therapy techniques. 




Rather have a more condensed version?  Then How to Remediate R is for you!

Customer Reviews

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Christina Matta
Great product!

I like the step by step breakdown of the program! Nice and easy to use.


Fantastic. I really like how the book is designed and all the ideas.



Meg K.
Awesome R Program!!

This is the best R program I’ve found!! Especially for my kids who have been working on R for years with no progress. Easy R gives clarity on how to build capability for producing R and guides you through therapy in well organized way:) It’s the missing piece I’ve been searching for for years!!

Jackie Hurst

The Easy R Therapy Program