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#59 Sensory Therapy Makes Sense

by Charlotte Boshart | 29 October, 2019 | 2 Comments

Right up there with negativity of “oral motor” therapy (i.e. therapy to build oral movement capability and speech skills) is anything that has to do with “SENSORY” therapy.”  In fact, it’s even more taboo.  

While preparing The Perfect Oral Motor Storm (podcast/handout), I came across a statement by Dr. Gregory Lof (2017).  I nearly fell out of my chair: “Awareness and its role in therapy is always questioned.” 

(#51) Do Research Articles Meet Your Therapy Needs? [Wisdom by Dr. Charles Van Riper]

by Charlotte Boshart | 16 April, 2019 | 3 Comments

Dr. Charles Van Riper is considered by most to be "the father of articulation."  I consider him to be my professor and a great and wise man.  Enjoy and ponder his words of wisdom.

(#50) Apps: Spinners, Dice, and the Remedy for "Who Goes First?"

by Charlotte Boshart | 09 April, 2019 |

One way to incorporate your computer or a touch screen device (without using a full-blown game) is to use a spinner or die that’s on the device. It adds an element of intrigue and enjoyment.