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Speech Pictures! Analysis & Therapy (ebook)

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Use child-friendly line drawings to show how the tongue moves, in sequence, for 16 speech sounds.  Explain postures, placements and interactions so kids can see, understand, and model.

Also included is supplemental info for YOU:

  • Useful details about each speech sound,
  • Tips for analyzing each sound,
  • Why kids misarticulate them, and
  • Lots of therapy suggestions for s, sh, ch, l, th, k, g, and r.

Learn why--and what to do--when a child lateralizes, fronts, and omit speech sounds, among other important speech differences.

Because this is an eBook you are free to print clean-copies of as many speech-sound drawings as you want.  Use them in therapy, send them home with the kids for extra practice, or duplicate them for parent and teacher education.

Speech Pictures! is a valuable addition to your therapy; 42 pages in all.  Written by Char Boshart, M.A., CCC-SLP.

eBook#:  EPICS


This book is available as an immediate-use pdf e-Book that can be downloaded, printed and used in your therapy tomorrow.