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R Speech Practice

Hear-and-Say Series (digital)

By Char Boshart and Mary Jutila

LISTEN TO AN AUDIO EXAMPLE!  Scan the QR Code in the images to the left.

Carryover with any speech sound is tough, but “R” seems to be one of the toughest.  To move into conversational use takes repetition—and lots of it—to nail down consistency.

That’s where the “R” Speech Practice Lesson Lists and Audios shine!  Not only is repetition important, but so is the practice-word context, and the stimulus style:  An audio model increases the probability of correct productions.

Each lesson has its own QR Code that allows you, the child, and the parent/caregivers quick access to the audios.  Use during in-person or online therapy, and for homework—anywhere, anytime!

You get a bunch of materials in this bundle:

  • 13 Lesson Lists with audio-access QR Codes,
  • 13 MP3 Audio Practice Lessons, 5 to 7 minutes in length,
  • 13 Data & Documentation forms to generate a baseline, keep accurate data, and document improvement,
  • The “R” Deep Screening Probe to determine the best context to practice, and
  • The Record of Assignments sheet to track your distribution.

This context-driven audio style of practice has been used (in other formats) by thousands of appreciative speech-language pathologists and their therapy-kids.  In this edition, EVERYTHING has been newly updated, revised, and rerecorded—and kids love ‘em!

Please Note:  Once purchased, you instantly receive EVERYTHING IN YOUR EMAIL to download and use.  The Instructions Manual, and all Lessons and Audios are digital. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Love the book! I am already using it regularly with all my clients

Useful practice material-time saving.

Thank you. this is so helpful

Gaye Davenport
Studying at Home

Thank you for a resource that is easy for my older students to use for extra practice.

Karen Silva

I have been using this with my /r/ student. It is simple and easy to use and the student. I like that so many things (words, phrases and sentences) are on one page. Progress is being made.