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Communication Secrets to Manage Difficult Workplace Situations (ebook):  Actually, "planning" ahead just in case a confrontation arises can be helpful. This ebook is full of options: from managing our mindset, to managing our verbalizations, and even gives the meaning of non-verbal indicators. Very interesting. 

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(#54) Shriberg's NEW Motor Speech Classification:  Here it is:  SPEECH MOTOR DELAY (SMD). He and his team acknowledge there is an idiopathic (unknown) "motor component" to some children that are not diagnosed with either dysarthria or apraxia.  Yep, there sure is.

(#16) Productive Parent Meetings (part 1):  Meetings contain a "captive" audience; we can use meetings to all our benefits. What we say and how we conduct ourselves lays the foundation to perception and teamwork. 

(#17) Productive Parent Meetings (part 2):  Let's get specific: Here are 8 sensible and doable suggestions for ways  to develop positive perceptions and parent support, for example, Thoughts on Sharing Testing Results.

(#51) Do Research Articles Meet Your Therapy Needs?  I had the honor of being a speech pathology student of Dr. Charles Van Riper at WMU.  These are his words of wisdom.  Loved him, and his words.

(#53) Where do You Stand on Oral Motor?  Covers a few of the events and articles that have occurred and swelled into a controversy like no other in our field.  I refer to it as, "The Perfect Oral Motor Storm."

(#55) Read the Whole Journal Article--Not Just the Conclusions!  When the entire Lof 2008 article is read and interpreted--especially the Survey Results--one can conclude that the 400+ SLPs were PRO oral motor and experienced good results with their therapy kids. Just why was it interpreted otherwise?  Check it out.  

(#56) Don't Feed Your Kids Brussels Sprouts and Say They're Strawberries:   I took strong umbridge to Forrest's 2008 study that "proves" that oral motor is ineffective.  At best, it was an odd study with tainted results.


The Perfect Oral-Motor Storm: What Happened, Why, and Supportive Evidence for Oral Sensory-Motor Methods to Remediate Speech Sound Productions:  This is the 5-section print version, of the 5-hour audio version offered below (through SpeechTherapypd.com).  It's comprehensive, detailed, and from my perspective, accurate.

The Importance and Procedures of Games in Therapy:  As every SLP knows there is a rationale behind game-playing in therapy. In addition, and frequently overlooked, is the importance of our covert thoughts on how to best conduct therapy for the child we are working with.  

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Episode #52: How to Manage Difficult Parent Comments and a System to Build Support, by Char Boshart

Episode #58: Simple Strategies to Develop Cooperation & Engagement of Children During Therapy, by Adina Soclof

Episode #69: Three Super-Techniques to Foster Academic Success for Down Syndrome, by Jennifer Gray

Episode #70: Instill Confidence & Joy in Language Kids Who Suffer from Educational Trauma, by Deborah Swain

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The Perfect Oral Motor Storm: What Happened, Why, and Supportive Evidence for Oral Sensory-Motor, by Char Boshart, 5 hours (Audio, #1925)

Communication Secrets to Manage Difficult Parent/Caregiver Situations, by Char Boshart, 1-hour (#2380)

10+ Techniques to Revolutionize Your IEP Meetings, by Char Boshart, 1.5 hours, (#1967)

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