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(#27) Try "The Conversation Code" with Your Kids:  Instead of interrupting your language kids to remind them of their grammar choice (or whatever), do therapy by number!  Kids think it's fun--and it's easier on us. 

(#36) Coloring, A New Twist on an Old Favorite:  Love coloring with your kids? Here are some new, beneficial and fun ways to apply the art of coloring in your therapy.  Enjoy!

(#11) You Must Be Joking! "Jokes" in Therapy (part 1):  Everyone loves to laugh--especially kids.  Using jokes as a core therapy activity can be highly beneficial. In this one, learn about puns, riddles, and jokes.

(#12) You Must Be Joking! "Jokes" in Therapy (part 2):  Additional new ways of looking at and analyzing jokes and adding them to your therapy.  Totally fun!  

(#34) Echo-Reading, Story + Imitation + Verbal Expression Techniques:  What is echo-reading?  We can adapt and use this "educational" strategy with our language-kids to improve verbal and print language skills.

(#45) Six Strategies to Use When Imitation Doesn't Work:  Need some "imitation" options? This blog includes ideas from other articles and from personal experience. Some kids are tough--give these a try.

(#49) CI: The BEST Strategy to Teach Imitation (by Mary Lou B. Johnson, SLP, and guest blogger):  Mary Lou shares her technique to get kids to imitate: Conditioned Imitation (CI). Very specific, beneficial, and it works!

(#30) Pause: A Therapy Strategy for All Children:  Pausing is so simple, yet can be extremely powerful when used appropriately in therapy.  Shares great insights by Anna Vagin and Pat Mervine. An amazing technique.

(#61) Is Your Language Therapy "Evidence Based"?  Keep in mind the referenced Systematic Review was written in 2008. Although there has been some improvement, there has not as much as we all would want.

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Episode #19: “SEMPCREEQ:” Nine Keys to Accelerate Lang Instruction, by Char Boshart

Episode #2: Ways to Increase Vocab & Retrieval: From Basics to Academic Success, by Margo Kinzer Courter

Episode #17: Connecting Reading to Speech and Language Skills for Maximum Progress, by Sarah James

Episode #23: Adapting Children’s Literature: Development Narrative Skills Through Storytelling, by Lorraine Maida

Episode #54: Language Sampling: A School-Based SLPs Best Friend, by Teresa Farnham

Episode #75: How and Why to Use the Term: DLD, by Holly Storkel

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Instill the Love of Words: Multimodality Language Instruction, by Char Boshart, 2-hours (#2263)

Reader’s Theater: Creative, Engaging Language Instruction, by Char Boshart, 2-hours (#2230)

Organizing Language Therapy: Fun Narrative Instruction, by Char Boshart, 3 hours (#1517)

Creative Language Therapy: Systematic Instruction for Language Disordered Children, by Char Boshart, 5 hours (#2005)

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