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The New STAR Series

Here’s the thing....  Therapy activities not connected to a rationale base are merely isolated, disconnected, haphazard tasks.  Therapy becomes a gamble as to whether the tasks will “work” or not.  A therapy rationale base is more than helpful, it’s essential.

STAR Series books are rationale-based.  Each brief, easy-to-read book is a speech supplement that lays out issues and answers for a specific therapy subject.  They are written with speech-questions and answers in mind; from a speech therapist’s point of view--

“Just tell me what to do to fix this child!”

“STAR” is an acronym, of course, (everything has an acronym):  The Speech Therapy Answers and Reference series.  How are the STAR Series books beneficial to you?  Each one

  • Gives answers as to why a child has trouble formulating sounds.
  • Explains the reasons why a child may not remediate right away.
  • Answers questions about oral differences and other obstacles.
  • Personalizes analysis and therapy techniques.
  • Offers therapy options to try even when you’ve tried everything.

“STAR” is an acronym, of course, (everything has an acronym):  The Speech Therapy Answers and Reference series.  How are the STAR Series books beneficial to you?  Each one

Although written for speech-language therapists, parents and others interested in speech and the mouth will be able to comprehend the information.


Current STAR Series Books (more on the way):

  • The Key to Carryover
  • 22 of My Favorite Tools and How to Use Them
  • Demystify the Lingual Frenum