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SLP Phonetics Font, by Speech Dynamics

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Phonetic transcription is something all speech-language pathologists (SLPs) know and do almost daily. But if you’re like me, my reports, which are read by other SLPs as well as non-SLPs rarely contain phonetic characters—not by design—but because I don’t have the font.  Or I didn’t, until now.

Now you can easily include your phonetics. Best of all, your reports will reflect sound-accuracy and look more professional.

Concerned about installing the font? Just follow the instructions on your computer after you download the font.

You'll need the Key to tell you which keys contain which phonetic characters.  See the adjacent Key-image on this page?  Just hover over and right click to copy it.  Then paste it and print it out for your reference sheet.  Easy!  Enjoy!

Item #:  SLPP

Price:  $7.95

Only available for download and use on your computer.