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R Speech Practice

Hear-and-Say Series (digital)

By Char Boshart and Mary Jutila

LISTEN TO AN AUDIO EXAMPLE!  Scan the QR Code in the images to the left.

Carryover...Generalization...Transfer...whatever term you prefer, the transition from the child saying the correct sound to consistently producing it during conversation is tough.  It takes repetition--lots of it--to establish the patterns of oral movement memory.

The "R" Speech Practice Lesson Lists and easy-access Audios are your helpful key to establishing carryover.  The audio presentation increases the probability of correct practice productions.

Each of the 13 Lessons has its own QR Code to quickly access the Practice Audio that can be practiced in any setting:  Telepractice, in-person therapy, or during homework practice in the car.

The "R" Speech Practice includes:

  • 13 Lesson Lists with audio access QR Codes,
  • 13 MP3 Audio Practice Lessons, 5 to 7 minutes in length,
  • 13 Data & Documentation forms to generate a baseline, keep accurate data, and document improvement,
  • The "R" Deep Screening Probe to determine the best context to practice, and
  • The Record of Assignments sheet to track your distribution.

The words, phrases, and sentences format has been successfully used since 1996 by thousands of appreciative speech-language pathologists and their therapy-kids.  All practice lists and audios have been updated, revised, and rerecorded--and the kids love 'em!

Please Note:  Once purchased, you can either download the three zip files at CHECKOUT, or access and download them IN YOUR EMAIL.  The Instructions ebook and all the lists and audios are digital.

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