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22 of My Favorite Tools & How to Use Them

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 Therapy tools add dimension to your therapy and your results. In this practical Tools how-to book, you’ll discover

  • The best tool and technique to increase oral awareness and localization of specific mouth-parts (so the child can feel what he’s doing and not doing).
  • Which tools to use--and never use--on the tongue, and why.
  • How to apply specific tactile input to the tongue-sides to generate bracing (lateral margin stabilization) for controlled tongue movements to decrease slushy, imprecise speech.
  • An effective method to motivate the back-tongue to lift for a good /r/, as well as /k/ and/g/ productions, plus
  • Many more helpful techniques!

Learn what tools to use, how to use them, and the rationale behind the techniques.  Outlined in a concise detailed format by Char Boshart.

134 page paperback book


Price:  $24.95