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#70 Telepractice Tips 'n Info (Part 3) [Parents: Is Online Therapy Effective?]

by Charlotte Boshart | 30 September, 2020 |

Maybe you read this.  Recently, on Facebook, an SLP wrote about an offhanded comment made by a parent during her teletherapy.  The parent said to the SLP, “The real speech therapist is coming in a few minutes.”  Huh??? 

#68 Telepractice Tips 'n Info (Part 1)

by Charlotte Boshart | 02 September, 2020 |

Looks like school service delivery across the country is either total telepractice or a hybrid blend of telepractice and in-person instruction through a mask and/or acrylic shield or, just in-person.  Are you scrambling to adjust?  I know I would be if I were still in the schools.