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#66 Spotlight on Tools 'n Techniques: The Toothette

by Charlotte Boshart | 10 March, 2020 |

Most of us speech-language pathologists (SLPs) have uttered the following frustrating phrase, “This child has no clue where his/her tongue is—so what do I do?”  We use mirrors, verbal descriptions (multiple times in multiple ways), even show the child our own mouth, but sometimes even that isn’t enough. That’s where, quite literally, intra-oral therapy tools come in.  

#59 Sensory Therapy Makes Sense

by Charlotte Boshart | 29 October, 2019 |

Right up there with negativity of “oral motor” therapy (i.e. therapy to build oral movement capability and speech skills) is anything that has to do with “SENSORY” therapy.”  In fact, it’s even more taboo.  

While preparing The Perfect Oral Motor Storm (podcast/handout), I came across a statement by Dr. Gregory Lof (2017).  I nearly fell out of my chair: “Awareness and its role in therapy is always questioned.”