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#62 The Importance of Interpretation [Are references always accurate?]

by Charlotte Boshart | 03 December, 2019 |

“EBP creates an interesting predicament because the efficacy of NSOMEs has been questioned based both on empirical data and on the basic underlying assumptions for their use (Clark, 2003, 2005; Forrest, 2002; Kamhi, 2006; Lof, 2003).”  

Lof and Watson wrote the above in their 2008 survey article (p. 393).  As you read, they specifically listed five references as a base to their “NSOME” concerns and criticisms.

So, I zeroed-in on those five documents and read them very carefully....

#55 Read the Whole Journal Article--Not Just the Conclusions!

by Charlotte Boshart | 01 October, 2019 |

Whether you’re pro or con, are you aware of how the oral motor controversy started? It’s important.  Ultimately, the controversy was initiated with one journal article. Up to that time oral motor was at the “debate” level.

#53 Where Do You Stand on Oral Motor?

by Charlotte Boshart | 17 September, 2019 |

The “NSOME” controversy has spawned a major storm. It started in the late ‘90s with a few groundswells that perpetually grew into a full-blownperfect storm. I’ve never seen anything like it in the speech pathology world—a world I love.