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#64  This Helps Me Throughout the Year

Making new year’s resolutions doesn’t work for me, personally or professionally.  But here’s what does. 

On January 17, 2018, in the first Therapy Matters to you, I declared that “JOY” was my word-for-the-year.  This was the first time I'd done this with any level of commitment and consistency.  I plastered sticky notes on my computer, bathroom mirror, in my purse, etc.  Most of the time (especially when I was in a funk) I quickly read that special word and took in its encouraging meaning.  It frequently alerted me to the importance of enjoying life and putting things in perspective.   

Last year, my word-for-the-year, again replete with visible reminder sticky-notes, was “UNSTOPABLE.”  And I have to say, it worked.  Professionally, I accomplished a ton:  consistently hosted The Speech Link podcast, wrote weekly Therapy Matters, researched, wrote, and completed 90+ pages about the oral motor controversy, started and almost completed three new books, wrote the new Speech Practice series (yet to be recorded), changed and updated my website from Wix to Shopfiy, and presented several seminars.  

In this new decade, I’ve chosen another word-for-the-year.  And I wanted to make it a good one.  I sense and see the benefits of selecting one word, one concept, that abides in the back of my mind and gently influences my life choices over time. 

My 2020 word is: “CONNECT.” 

This time next year, I’ll let you know how it went. I anticipate that this behind-the-scenes word will have an impact with my family, friends, and colleagues, as well as interpersonally.  If I were doing therapy at this point in time, "connect" would be an excellent choice of words.  

One of my first thoughts about “connecting” was being more active on social media.  Honestly, I’ve dragged my feet on this.  This is the year for expansion and making SLP connections on social media. 

As far as “age,” technically, I’m over two-thirds of the way through my life (if all goes according to plan, ha!) and I want to make the most of my time—to contribute and enjoy the ride.  I highly anticipate making more consistent connections—in a variety of areas—this year.

How ‘bout you?  If you chose a word-for-the-year, what would it be?  I would love to know!  Feel free to either send me an email or write your Comments at the bottom of this blog post. 

Here’s to you and an enjoyable and successful year!

And, again, thank you for all you do, 


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