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(#47)  The QOE:  A Free Oral Mech Form to Use with Your Kids

Happy Tuesday, SLP!

Thank you for the supportive comments about last week’s Quick Oral Mech Exam. I also received a couple inquiries wondering if I had a form that paralleled the “Quick Exam” information. The answer is yes, and you can download it.
The QOE includes the same five categories and oral-facial items as last week’s Therapy Matters. It's all on one page which makes it easier. It’s a check sheet with a few “comment” write-in areas.
If you have questions about how to analyze and interpret a specific mouth-part, etc., just refer to last week’s blog-offering onThe Quick Oral Mechanism Exam, or email me.
Also, I’ve included a cool website that I recently discovered thanks to the query of another SLP. She emailed and asked me if I knew of a way to make my PDF oral-facial exam forms so they could be tilled/typed in. I found a couple, but I’ll share one that I really like.


Once you know what you're looking for, the QOE shouldn’t take more than 2 to 3 minutes to complete. The categories are not organized by oral-facial components, but by the actual investigation sequence of looking first at the outside then going inside the mouth and ending up with your analysis of the top of the mouth.
The information is fairly broad in scope but has enough detail for you to determine if there are any major oral-facial obstacles to speech production. The whole reason to do an oral mechanism exam is to determine the child’s capability to formulate appropriate stabilization and mobilization to generate speech sounds.

To download, just click here:The QOE.


Plus, A Helpful “Fill-in” Website

If you have PDF forms and would like to type information in all or part of them, then thePDFfiller.com website would be a helpful addition for you.
It’s easy. Just go to the site and download your PDF form; it makes it “fill-in” ready for you.
The PDFfiller website has a 30-day trial period. After that it’s $6.67 per month. If you decided to use it on a regular basis that’s pretty good.
Also, I found another one,FormSwift.com. It’s really nice (it does many other things) but, the trial period is 1 week, and, get this, $39.95 per month. They’re not up front with that information, either. I had to really dig to find it (in the FAQs in the footer). They say that after the trial period you are automatically upgraded to the once a month charge. If you can afford it, have at it! The PDFfiller seems pretty reasonable!
Check out thePDFfiller.com website. You might want to even try it with the QOE to see how it works! Have fun!
Thanks so much for all you do with your therapy-kids.
See you next week,

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